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Fond of cinema and journeys abroad, (Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Canada, USA…), Carinne has a master in English with a report on the image of the Indian in the American cinema “The image of the indian as depicted by Hollywood and based on “Little Big Man” novel and film form. She fully invested herself in theatre training after her academic studies.

She works as an actress for Cinema and TV ((Hervé Renoh, Sylvie Ayme, Didier Le Pêcheur,  Charlotte Brandstrom, Julien Zidi, Chris Briant, Marion Hansel, Philippe Godeau, Marion Vernoux, Robin Davis, Sylvain Monot, François Luciani, Alain Robillard, Corinne Pujet, Christian Bonnet, Bruno Dega, Frédéric Balekjdian, François Guérin, Thierry Boscheron, Christel Chabert, Henri Helman…) and for theatre with, among others, KORBO Company (Theatre, Theatre of street, Evenementiel).

After a training of 2 years in Paris with Jean Darnel, she completed it with the clown work (different trainingships), and trainings in front of the camera. She keeps on working her voice and dancing (contemporary, bollywood…) and has trained with different people, Damien Acoca- coach, Mathilde Snodgrass – casting director, Frédérique Amand – casting director…)